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Where Did I Put My Problem?

Where Did I Put My Problem?

Title: Where Did I Put My Problem?
Author: John Rawson
Page Count: 115
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN: US: 978-965-550-310-8
Previously published
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  • About the Book

    What is Where Did I Put My Problem?

      “John Rawson’s stories are wonderful. They open the windows and doors of imagination, Nature’s toolbox of mental imagery. Every child – and parent – who explores this book will have loads of fun and become wiser in the process. Rawson’s the new Dr. Seuss in the making.”

    David F. Marks, PhD – Editor, Journal of Health Psychology


    “This collection of therapeutic stories by John Rawson is brilliant, creative and delightful. They truly capture the imagination, thereby creating therapeutic intervention in a very short space of time. John reminds us that change actually happens fast, for once a belief is shattered, you can no longer go back to believing the old belief. His wise stories are empowering in a practical everyday sense and are applicable for all ages.”

    Arpi Procter – Registered Social Worker and Hypnotherapist

    What is Where Did I Put My Problem?

    Imagine Dr. Seuss meets Dr. Phil…

    In this book, John Rawson uses his techniques of imaginetics and embedded learning via storytelling to help the young adolescent reader reach his or her potential. “Imaginetics” is John’s term for a technique that harnesses people’s creative imaginations to change their feelings, beliefs and attitudes – their inner experience. These changes then have positive effects in the outside world.

    These somewhat zany and always relevant stories open up a world of challenging topics that the young reader may be grappling with on his or her own. With its lively, funny and compelling style, Where Did I Put My Problem? is a page-turner with great stories, where such issues as anorexia, insecurity and anger are easy to identify with and begin to overcome.

    While the book is aimed for pre-teen and teenage readers, it is ideal for teachers, parents, counselors and all who work with children, as well as adults who want to let their inner children out to play…and maybe give their inner children a double shot of chocolate for the mind!

  • About the Author

    Who is John Rawson?

    John Rawson has 25 years of experience in the New Zealand Social Services and associated institutions. He holds degrees in psychology, education and child psychotherapy. He counsels both children and adults. He is married, with two sons and a large cat.

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